Noel Gallagher, part of the chart-topping Oasis group with brother Liam until their acrimonious 2009 split, announced on Monday he would release a new solo album in March. The album, ‘Chasing Yesterday’, will be his third solo effort after ‘The Dreams We Have as Children’ in 2009 and ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ in 2011. The British pop bad boy, who was the main songwriter and guitarist for Oasis, also announced a European tour in March 2015. It will begin with shows in British cities before moving to the European continent with dates planned in Paris, Milan, Copenhagen and Brussels.

The announcement of the new album is likely to further dampen hopes of any Oasis reunion, following rumours that Noel may have made peace with his brother. Considered a pillar of the Britpop movement, Oasis were a huge success in the 1990s and sold some 50 million records. But fighting between the brothers plagued the band, which broke up in August 2009 after a violent row moments before the band was due on stage in Paris.