KARACHI - Karachi Goods Carrier Association has showed concern over the seizing of vehicles or containers for the upcoming public gathering announced by Pakistan Peoples Party on 18th of Oct at Jinnah ground. Khalid Khan, President KGCA, suggested the Sindh govt to adopt alternate sources for its public gathering and don’t push the transporters towards strike by using these tactics that also create the unemployment.  He said government ordered the police to cease 500 vehicles. If the situation prevails, he said, the association would suspended its activities throughout the country and close their business, adding that a number of police stations are filled with our vehicles.

Khalid said the ceased vehicles will be released after Moharm that creates an extra ordinary burden over the goods carrier transporters. He said the Sindh administration should use allocated fund for that purpose and avoid ceasing of goods carriers. He mentioned that the situation will also hurt the product life that is transported on the goods carrier.