LAHORE - The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre on Tuesday organised a special event to observe International Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the hospital.

The event was part of “Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign” being launched by the hospital to create awareness in masses about Breast cancer , said a press release. Famous fashion model and SKMCH&RC ambassadors for the campaign Vaneeza Ahmed and Sanam Saeed, consultants, doctors, students and teachers from different female educational institutions and people from different walks of life were present on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering, Vaneeza and Sanam appreciated the doctors and hospital management for their efforts to highlight and create awareness among the masses about the disease.

Talking to the audience, Dr Amna Iqbal, a consultant surgeon, discussed different methods of the treatment of Breast Cancer and its steps. She highlighted different researches from history and present day, related to breast cancer and its cure. She said that it was important for every female at the age of 40 and above to visit doctor once every year and had her mammography done.

Dr Neelam Siddiqi, consultant oncologist at SKMCH&RC, talked about the symptoms of breast cancer . She said that the symptoms vary from person to person but mainly discussed the most common findings in breast cancer patients.

 She said that it was important for every female to self-examine herself regularly and searched for the minor changes occurring in the body.

She also stressed on observing the bodily changes and reporting it to doctor to get early and timely diagnosis so that further complication could be prevented. She emphasised that early diagnosis and treatment was the key that could bring almost 100pc results in breast cancer treatment and cure.

Radiation oncologist Dr Mazhar Ali Shah discussed different steps involved in the treatment procedure of Breast Cancer . He said that almost every patient of breast cancer undergoes from the first step of this procedure i.e. surgery, which follows chemo-therapy and radiation therapy.

He also said that besides the best efforts of doctors to treat the disease, patient’s own willpower and courage to fight against the disease was much important.

A cured breast cancer patient of SKMCH&RC, Humaira Malik, shared her story of life and told the audience that how she fought against breast cancer . She thanked the doctors and the hospital management for their support and care. She said that we could defeat any hardship through courage and must not let ourselves down.

In the end, SKMCH&RC CEO Dr Faisal Sultan thanked the participants and appreciated the efforts of educational institutions, teachers and students, hospital doctors, marketing team and also thanked all the sponsors.

Vaneeza Ahmed, Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Sana along with Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital’s management and consultants on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.