A lifesize statue of Amy Winehouse has been unveiled in London on what would have been the singer’s 31st birthday.

Fans and relatives attended the unveiling in Camden, north London, where Winehouse lived before her death in July 2011 after a public struggle with addiction.

The 175cm bronze statue in Stables Market portrays Winehouse in high heels and with her trademark beehive hairdo. It was sculpted by the London-based artist Scott Eaton after he was introduced to Winehouse’s father, Mitch.

Eaton said: “We met to talk about my work, the design process and ideas for the sculpture. I developed a few drawings and we took things from there. I’ve always been a fan of Amy’s music and have the utmost respect for her as an artist.

“From a sculptor’s perspective, Amy has an amazing style and energy. My sketchbooks are full of hundreds of subtle variations on how she would stand. The pose had to capture Amy’s attitude and strength, but also give subtle hints of insecurity. The hand on the hip, the turn of the head, the grabbing of the skirt, the turned in foot – these are all small elements that contribute to the personality of the piece.

“The design is not based on any single snapshot, photo or moment in time, but an amalgamation of influences. Hopefully by taking many important moments in her history and drawing on those, the piece comes close to capturing the essence of Amy.” Mitch Winehouse said seeing the statue was “incredibly emotional”, and Eaton had done an amazing job in capturing his daughter’s likeness.

“It is like stopping her in a beautiful moment in time. We really hope Amy’s fans love the statue,” he said.

Following her death, the family set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to help tackle the impact of drugs and alcohol misuse on young people.