LAHORE - Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat Chief Allama Ahmed Ludhianvi Sunday said that Pakistan Awami Tehreek leader Tahirul Qadri intended to spread anarchy at a time when the country could not afford to undergo religious or political strife.

He said that the parliament has been able to foil conspiracies by taking a unanimous position.  He said that if the PAT is patriotic, it should set aside their personal agendas and help the country cope with floods. He said that Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar stated that there were about 2,000 terrorists participating in the sit-in, they should be arrested.

He also dispelled the impression that the ASWJ was a militant outfit and said that ASWJ did not believe in spilling blood in the name of religion and sect. He said that the outfit believes in a peace and strongly condemns those involved in terrorist acts and sectarian killings.

He also said that it was unfortunate that at this hour of trial, Imran Khan was celebrating in the federal capital. He regretted the fact that anyone who had an iota of patriotism will not be in a festive mood.  ASWJ unanimously passed a resolution from the forum of Difah-e-Sahaba-e-Pakistan. The resolution is as follows:  A system of Caliphate will be established in Pakistan.  Hidden agenda behind Dr Tahriul Qadri’s movement who is influenced from Iran, and his plan to cause sectarian unrest should be exposed.

Given the recent flood calamity, the government should build dams as well as raise the issue of how India has been releasing water to damage Pakistan.

Foreign Embassies should be asked to stick to diplomatic rules and norms.

Foreign debaters should be banned during the month of Muharram.

To make the parliament truly genuine, the system of representation should be made transparent.

Keeping in view the fear of blasphemous content being spread through the social media, the government should take necessary steps to control the menace through PEMRA.

Religious congregations whereby participants beat their chests with knives are an anathema not only for the economy but the general Muslims and should be limited to private places.

While it has been observed that martyrs of other religious parties are paid homage and monetary inducements, the martyrs of ASWJ have always been ignored. ASWJ demands that they be given their due status and respect.

An impartial committee should be set up at the federal level to mitigate the Shia-Sunni discord.

Rising incidents of suicide because of growing poverty are unfortunate. The government should work to reduce inflation at a war-footing.