ISLAMABAD- The number of people who lost lives in road and fire accidents was more than killed in terror activities in Pakistan. This came under-discussion by the participants during an awareness session on fire and road safety, held at Hamara Ghar Orphanage, Islamabad.

The speakers emphasized the need to develop and implement Government and Traffic Police supported road safety promotional and public education activities for reducing road trauma in Pakistan. "Activities are undertaken with the overall aim of reducing the level of accidents and lowering the cost to society both in terms of human suffering and financial cost." Muhammad Shahid, Road Safety Expert, said on the occasion, adding the Road Safety First, first of its kind organization in the country, produces a vast

array of advice and information on all areas of road safety and accident prevention.

Ali Raza, another expert and Chief of Pakistan Emergency Response Learning Program (PERP) highlighted the different activities with the aim to develop skills in individuals that might help in saving lives in times of distress; including: Fire-fighting, First-aid, Traffic Safety and Disaster Management. The session was attended by a number of orphan kid girls who are not only getting the best chance of survival but also to re-build their future and get their dignity back.