LAHORE - PML-Q senior central leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi has said that because of the inefficiency of the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif lakhs of people have been affected by the devastating floods. 

He said that proper health and medical facilities were not available to the people, stated a Press release on Sunday.

He was talking to media after offering condolence over the demise of mother of PML-Q workers Shafiq Malik and Kabir Malik at their residence. He said that govt itself was now on a ventilator and had no future as the rulers have to go now.

On this occasion, residents of the locality strongly protested over non-provision of immediate medical treatment to the patient in the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) and said that she had expired in the waiting room of the emergency while awaiting medical assistance because hospital staff had not paid any attention to her despite repeated requests.

On appreciation of the media of situation prevailing in hospitals particularly in emergency during his tenure, Ch Parvez Elahi said that the present rulers had no interest in the life, property, health and education of the people, they only believed in slogan-mongering. He said he had taken practical steps for the welfare of the common man and the poor in all sectors, paid special attention to emergency in the hospitals, even costly medicines were also provided free.  He further said that the rulers bargained interests of Punjab for becoming the Prime Minister for third time and had also compromised on no construction of Kalabagh Dam and reduction in the share of electricity and gas for Punjab whereas we had not compromised over distribution of resources on population basis despite all the pressure during tenure of Pervez Musharraf. He emphasised for the construction of Kalabagh Dam so that water could become available adequately for electricity and irrigation and basic problems like floods could be resolved. He said that the rulers would have to go now while all their false promises and dramas now stand exposed before the people and this was the reason what wherever they stepped down from helicopters in flood-hit areas they were welcomed by slogans of “Go Nawaz Go”.  He paid rich tributes to Pak Army and Rescue 1122 as well as other organisations who were rescuing and helping the people in the flood-effected areas at reat risks to their own lives.

Pervaiz Elahi also strongly condemned arrests of leaders and workers of the parties participating in the sit-in at Islamabad, Lahore and other cities and raids on their houses in gross violation of sanctity of “chadar aur chardeevari” and said that the days of the govt had been numbered while the govt had no future at all.