ISLAMABAD - Failing to reach any breakthrough in dialogue with the government, the protestors at Constitution Avenue on the 31st day of their protest, on Sunday, announced some new moves to pressurise the government but state bank was quick to jump in and hit the loose ball with a sixer.

“The corrupt mafia has occupied the whole system from top to bottom and we are here to get justice for a common man. Therefore you all should write on all currency notes “go Nawaz go” from onward,” said Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief Dr Tahirul Qadri while addressing the protestors.

During his daily evening speech the PAT chief levelled some new allegations against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his other family members including Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He said Nawaz Sharif was spending millions of rupees for his personal gains from national exchequers instead of spending it on the welfare of the people.

“Just to save two sugar mills of Sharif family, namely Siraj Sugar Mills and Haq Baho Sugar Mills, the dyke of Athara Hazari was not broken on September 6 and after the floodwater played havoc with the lives of hundred of thousands of people, the dyke was ruptured on September 10 after ensuring safety of Sharif family sugar mills from the floodwater,” Qadri alleged.

The rulers spent Rs 2.5 million to build a dedicated bridge on Chenab River just to provide ease of access to their another sugar mill Ramzan Sugar Mill in Bhawana near Jhnag,” he alleged.

He said Rs 57 billion were allocated for the construction of dykes and other protective infrastructure after devastating floods of 2010 but no project was ever initiated.

Flashing a paper the PAT chief alleged that Nawaz Sharif was spending huge money against his opponents from the national kitty. Nawaz sanctioned Rs 2.75 billion as advance to Intelligence Bureau after the spy agency exhausted the whole budget of Rs 2 billion sanctioned for the year in just 42 days. He alleged that this money was spent on averting his protests started in August. He also alleged that Nawaz spent millions of rupees in the past against his opponents from the national exchequer.

Angered over the arrests of protestors by police, Qadri said that present rulers were not even eligible to sit on opposition benches. “Even judges have no authority to send their corrupt colleagues home or to provide justice to a common man at grassroots level. We are talking about end to the system of injustice, we are demanding a system in which people of high integrity with high morale come into power, and a system, which stops the corrupt from entering the doors of the parliament,” Qadri continued.

Shortly after the announcement of the PAT chief to write “go Nawaz go” on currency notes, the mobile phones of the journalists reportedly started buzzing with the message from spokesperson of State Bank of Pakistan.

“Writing on currency notes is illegal and currency notes with writing on them would not be accepted by the state bank,” the message said.

After the speech of the PAT chief, Imran Khan who has been listening to Qadri’s speech avoided the call to write on currency notes and focused on warning police officials against arresting his activists.

“We are protesting here peacefully for our legitimate rights and rulers have deployed 30,000 police personnel against us. They are brutally torturing PTI workers and sending them jail. No democracy allows this,” Khan said after jailed PTI workers told their stories how police caught them and mistreated them. Police arrested hundreds of activists from different places and jailed them on charges of violating section 144 and pillion riding ban imposed in the federal capital.

“After every heinous move of the government my resolve against the system becomes stronger. Pakistanis if you keep quiet today on cruelty against PTI workers, tomorrow this will happen with you; so stand up against the system and revolt against the corrupt system. I here today announce rebellion,” Khan said while addressing his charged workers.

Khan announced that his party has started a complain page on its website where activists can lodge their complains against the police. “IG Tahir Alam, listen carefully, I am putting your name on the top of the list and I will not spare you for all the brutal torture you did to my workers. Both Sharifs would not be able to save you as now they cannot even save themselves,” Khan said furiously.

“Mushtaq Sukhera, you have been brought to persecute peaceful protesters. I know your past and will put you behind jail, and would recover all the illegal money you have received from Sharifs to avert the sit-in,” he continued. He also named CCPOs Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi and termed them Gullu Butts of Sharif brothers.

During their speeches both PAT and PTI chiefs reiterated that they would not end the sit-ins until their demands are met.