LAHORE With 4,000 MW electricity shortfall in the national grid, unscheduled and continuous loadshedding has crippled routine life across the country. On Friday, frequent power cuts lasting several hours were reported in small cities and underdeveloped parts of the country, sources in Pakistan Electric Power Company informed TheNation. PEPCO insiders said there was only symbolic presence of electricity in Blochistan, Khyber PK, interior Sindh and the areas of Southern Punjab. People in some areas are facing 18 hours power cuts in a day, they said. Non-supply of gas to the four IPPs besides the lowest hydel generation was the major reason behind the horrible increase in shortfall, the sources said. The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is conducting average 14-hour loadshedding while the Multan Electric Power Company and the Gujranwala Electric Power Company are facing above 500MW shortfall separately. The companies have been conducting more than 12-hour daily loadshedding in their limits, the insider said. The electricity shortfall has reached 725 MW in the Quetta Electric Supply Company which is resorting up to 18 hours of loadshedding in the rural areas across the province including the capital city facing more than 8-hour loadshedding every day. The situation is also miserable in KPK as it is facing average 14 to 18 hours daily power outages, the sources said. The Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, responsible for supplying power supply to Sindh excluding Karachi, was reportedly conducting average 14 hours daily loadshedding. Lahore and its adjacent areas witnessing more than 12-hour loadshedding every day, has also exposed the Lahore Electric Supply Companys transmission system. Long and abrupt power cuts have badly affected life in different areas of the city - Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Schema Mor, Mozang, Town Ship and Green Town. The company chief and the majority of the officials never bother to attend the phone calls of citizens for launching complaints. The residents of suburban areas have complained of the whole night loadshedding. All and sundry are in trouble due to unscheduled and unannounced loadshedding. Several areas are facing grave water shortage and the domestic consumers find it difficult to carry on their domestic work due to loadshedding.