The PM of Pakistan has given a Policy Statement on Raymond Davis case in the parliament on 13th April, 2011 that "all political leadership and the publicwere unanimous that whatever court decides, it would be acceptable to all. The courtarranged a reconciliation between the legal heirs and Raymond Davis and was hence acquitted by the court". Ifanyone feelsthat theacquittalwas wrong, he can challenge it in the High Court. This is the most ridiculous policy statement made at the level of PM. Everyone knows that this was a shady deal where the actuallawyer of the legal heirs was high jacked and kept in illegal custody during the last hearing , another lawyer was brought in who helped inmaking fishy deal in the jail. Every thing was so secretly tied up by the governmentthat before the public could know about the Diyyat reconciliation (which wasinitially resisted by the legal heirs) Raymond Davis had already left the country and the Judge acquitting himand the legal heirs had gone underground. It is worth mentioning here that Raymod Davis besides committing a heinous crime of killing two youths, was also a an operator of CIA doing spying business in our country. He had unlicensed weapon, dagger and other spying gadgets in his car. All this was known to Punjab as well as to the Federal Government and yet none bothered to prosecute him on these serious charges. Perhaps our PM does not know that the public knows more about Raymond Davis than PM himself. One should also not forget thatduring John Kerry's whirl wind tour of Pakistan, he committed to our media that once he( Raymond Davis) is freed due to his diplomatic immunity, the US government would try him as per American lawsfor thecriminal acts that he committed in Pakistan. Nowthat hehasleft Pakistan andhe is no more on our soil there is no pointcrying to know about the circumstancesthat led to his escape. In our country many things happen where neither public not parliament istaken into confidence. This is only independent media which should get all the credit that every scandal is brought to the notice of general public.The government has definitely committed a big blunder by letting Raymond Davis off the hook in a most shady manner. The government will never let the public know the actual facts under which Raymond Davis could leave Pakistan when he was put onECL and his passportwas stillwith the Punjab government. The Policy Statement of PM is not at all in good taste and does not satisfy the public. It was not a fair trial.The Judge got clear dictation and he had no other option but to release him. Now the public asks the US government to try Raymond Davis as per thecommitment of their Senator John Kerry. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 13.