LAHOREThe Lahore High Court on Friday issued notice to the Federal and the Punjab Government to seek their respective reply by April 26th to a petition against the unabated US drone attacks on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan from the across the border, wherein thousands of Pakistanis have so far lost their lives and sustained injuries. The Bench of Justice Iftikhar Hussain Chaudhry passed the said directions on a petition filed by Barrister Iqbal Jafree praying to the court for a direction to the Federal government that strong and serious measures should be adopted to prevent the continuous drone attacks from Afghanistan. He also prayed to the court to inquire of the government why it has maintaining silence over the US attacks notwithstanding the fact innocent people have been losing their lives over the past many years. The petitioner has also expressed concern over the 'suspicious silence of the government over this sensitive matter. The Court observed that persistent drone attacks prima facie, evince weakness in the government policy. Arguing his case, Jafree blasted the rulers for callousness to national interests. He alleged that they are enjoying a lavish lifestyle and are literally selling the sovereignty of the country only to prolong their regime with the blessing of the US. He said Pakistan has suffered huge financial losses in addition to life loss through the drone attacks. Jafree also prayed to court to ask Federal government for a comprehensive report about agreement/treaty with US and Black Water, if any, with respect to drone attacks. The petitioner also said that the government should also furnish number of drone attacks and the number of persons killed therein, and compensation provided to the victims. He blamed former dictator Pervez Musharraf for initially allowing the US to perpetrate drone attacks pursuing an unwise foreign policy which went to weaken Pakistan against defending its vital national and international interests. He also lamented that the present government on the question of drone attacks was no different but a step ahead in showing weakness in countering US on the attacks issue. Drone attacks directly hit at the sovereignty and independence of Pakistan so that no more laxity should be shown to check them, he added. He urged the court to direct the rulers to disclose details of their assets, while charging them with pledging national sovereignty to Americans for the sake of personal gains.