ISLAMABAD - Pakistan cricket team has left for West Indies to play one T20, five ODIs and two Tests; and surely it is a real chance after a gap of over 40 years for Pakistan to beat West Indies at their own backyard. Although this time the current West Indian side is much weaker as compared to past sides, which were full of big starts such as Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall, Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Michael Holding, Clive Lloyd, Walsh, Ambrose and many more. The counting will have to be stopped but the players' list will continue. And any chance of West Indian backlash was further dampened with the axing of Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpul and Ramnaresh Sarwan. Without these players, West Indies will find it almost impossible to beat Pakistan, who are playing well and their morale is high after reaching the World Cup semi-final. The Pakistani selectors have almost selected the same side, which took part in the recently concluded World Cup with one or two minor changes. On cards Pakistan will not face much difficulty in disposing of West Indies, but one never knows these Pakistanis are known for gifting relatively easy matches to the opponents. If Pakistan take West Indies easy there is every possibility of losing not only the matches but also the series as the West Indian team has the advantage of playing in front of their supporters who are known for backing their team through thick and thin. The West Indian tracks always support both sets of bowlers as the fast bowlers and the spinners enjoy same success. The wickets in the Caribbean's are normally batting friendly but the bowlers can take advantage of the situation and early moisture on the track with their line and length. Pakistan as always enjoy upper hand in bowling department but the main area of concern for Pakistan is their batting and fielding, which always let the team down and Pakistan had lost matches in past due to their batting and fielding. The World Cup semi-final is one such example where the Pakistani fielders almost dropped more than half a dozen catches which eventually led to their downfall. The PCB has retained the same team management with Waqar Younis being the coach and Intikhab Alam is the manager of the side, what wonders what they have done exceptionally which forced the PCB tom continued with them. In realty these two gentlemen had done nothing for the team, the players until now what had achieved is just because of their potential not because of coach or manager. It is the duty of a coach to take note of all the mistakes of a team on the pitch and try to remove or at least cut them in nets but in Pakistan's case the coach doesn't even bother to discuss these mistakes instead he puts blame on others. Pakistan cricket team is badly in need of a batting coach, who can help them in overcoming their mistakes and help them improve their technique. Pakistani players always repeat their past mistakes if a batting coach like Javed Miandad or Zaheer Abbas can be hired as batting coach, this will prove a hell of difference among the team. Both of these players have the experience and their outstanding records speak themselves. The tour of West Indies is relatively a easier one as the West Indies team is going through a transitional phase. The real test for Pakistan cricket team will start when they will be pitted against a stronger opposition. For how long the PCB will take things for granted. They will have to act in the best interest of the team and the nation and adopt a clear policy starting from team management to team selection. The non-performers must be shown the door and only way of retaining the place in the side must be through regular performances. A player can't hold its place for past performance, cricket is a day to day affair past records doesn't mean automatic selection if the player fails to deliver the goods consistently he should be remove immediately, the cricket and all the other sports in country can be boosted by taking bold steps. Pakistan was once known for producing world champions in squash. What happened to this sports after the two great Khans, Jahangir and Jansher, the country fail to produce even a single champion, where no one could even dare to challenge us through out the 1980s and early 90s. The same will happen to cricket if the selectors continue to serve their own interests instead of preferring national interests. All of Pakistan's past achievements will come historical chapter unless a major overhaul starting from PCB to team selection is not quickly adopted.