ISLAMABAD - The federation on Friday has moved an application to the Pakistan Bar Councils disciplinary committee for taking action against Kamal Azfar, former counsel for the government in National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case, for professional misconduct. According to the application, Latif Khosa replaced Kamal Azfar in the NRO review petition on October 6 and the court allowed him (Khosa) to argue the case on October 13. After October 13, there was no client-counsel relationship between the federation and Barrister Kamal Azfar. Hence, he was not justified legally, morally or professionally to give statement embarrassing the federations position before the Supreme Court, the application stated. It is also mentioned in the application that Kamal Azfar wrote an unauthorised letter to the SC registrar on October 30, stating that he was available to argue after tendering his resignation as adviser to the prime minister. Kamal Azfar also sent a letter on March 31 to the SC registrar wherein he posed himself to be a counsel on behalf of the federation, the application stated. The government also attached the news item with its application in which Kamal Azfar stated that the government did not want to contest the NRO case and was using delaying tactics in the case. In this way, Kamal Azfar has committed gross misconduct by shaking the confidence of his client (the federation) and has rendered himself to disciplinary proceedings by the Pakistan Bar Council, the application contended. The government requested as Kamal Azfar had misrepresented before the apex court, disciplinary proceedings should be initiated against him in accordance with law. Kamal Azfar, in his letter to the Supreme Court on October 30, said he tendered his resignation from the post of adviser to the PM and was available to argue the case.