LAHORE The federal government is seriously considering shutting down countrys first private detective company - Fact Finders- terming its functioning as illegal and unconstitutional, sources disclosed to TheNation here Friday. A leading intelligence agency has forwarded its report to the Interior Ministry, asking the federal government 'to ensure strict action against the so-called private detective company found involved in illegal, unconstitutional and espionage activities, an official told this reporter on the condition of anonymity. The main motivating factor behind this illegal project is said to be Musarrat Misbah, leading beautician in Pakistan who also runs 'Smile Again, an NGO helping female acid victims, sources said. Mr Masood Haider, a retired pilot, is working as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Fact Finders. He (Masood) is also one of the Directors at the Smile Again NGO, sources maintained. Sources also claimed that the report was sent to the Ministry after the intelligence agency found the company officials involved in immoral, illegal and espionage activities. Such private and parallel institutions operating illegally in Pakistan are more than risk for our national security, another source familiar with the development said. Musarrat Mibah also runs many top beauty clinics in the posh localities in the big cities and is considered an important and influential figure in the countrys political elite, sources added. Sources further revealed that the private detectives of the Fact Finders Company get special 'spy make-up that help them conceal their identity. They said that these detectives also use latest technology and other equipment to collect evidences for their clients. They intercept and record private telephonic conversations, regularly follow their targets and covertly take pictures and make videos for their clients as evidence, a source said. Discussing a recent case, an insider disclosed to this reporter that a man from the USA contacted the company in the recent past to know the moral character of his would-be wife and asked the company to check her activities. We put that girl on activity check and later confirmed to our client that she had love-affair with someone else here. The client sought evidences so we provided him recordings. But we charge extra for provision of evidences, a sources quoted one of the representatives of the company as having said. However, when contacted, Mr Masood denied that Musarrat Misbah had anything to do with the Company. He also claimed that the Company started functioning after getting Memorandum of Association (MOA) approved from the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). To introduce legislation in this regard is the job of the government, replied Mr Masood when asked that how they are operating private detective agency when there is no law in this country for such operations. When asked that is it true that he is also a Director at the Smile Again NGO? I can not disclose my identity, he replied. He also denied that they are recording private phone call or involved in espionage activities. Several such companies are operating in the USA and other countries but no direct regulatory laws exist in Pakistan in this regard. A section of Pakistans constitution says, Every citizen shall have the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulation and reasonable restrictions imposed by law. Countrys top lawyer, Ahmer Bilal Soofi, said that according to his knowledge no direct regulatory law exist as far as the functioning of a private detective company is concerned. If it (company) comes in the context of freedom of information then it is permissible but if it violates public privacy in any term, then its existence is questionable, Mr Soofi said. The Lahore-based company claims that it is 'Pakistans first licensed private detective agency registered with the SECP. But when there is no direct regulatory law for private detective agencies so the claim is totally illegitimate, another source said. As per its website, the company offers wide range of services including cheating/ unfaithful wife or husband, child locate investigation, identity verification, adultery of infidelity investigations (Martial), land ownership and title investigation, recovery of vehicles for banks, divorce investigation, recovery of money, real estate fraud investigations, and verification for embassies besides many others. The company also hires retired officers from armed forces, retired police officers, and private girls and women to run its operations.