OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE-Former President of PML-Q, Mian Azhar has confessed that it was his political mistake to side with General Musharraf in 1999, who acted against the agenda he gave to the nation to set the things right. Speaking at Waqt TVs programme, 'Barwaqt on Friday, he said that Tariq Aziz entangled Musharraf in corrupts net, which deviated the general from his 7-point agenda. He predicted that PML-Q had no future, while PPP and PML-N had also lost their credibility. He also realized his mistake of taking ticket from the PML-Q to contest 2008 general elections. Azhar said if the politicians will promote corruption, army will have to step in to control the situation. He alleged that PML-Q was partner in massacre of innocent people at Lal Masjid and signing of NRO deal with the PPP. He asked MQM to control target killings in Karachi and then come to Punjab. He saw upsets in the coming elections and advent of an interim government headed by technocrats.