LONDON (INP) - Former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has said he would give a surprise to the Pakistani nation by staging a come back before the general elections. In an interview on Friday, Musharraf said he has not postponed his programme of coming back to Pakistan. He said he tried repeatedly to get an Indian visa but the Indian govt refused him the visa and didnt give any reason for that. To a question about US image in Pakistan, Musharraf said American people often ask him why Pakistanis dislike the US. 'I always reply that the fault is yours not ours, he added. He said Pakistan supported the US against the Soviets in its national interest. To another question, Musharraf said the Reko Diq project was bigger than Saindak and if properly pursued this project can change the destiny of Balochistan. On Pak-Afghan relations, he said Pakistan had offered Afghanistan to provide free training to its military, intelligence personnel and diplomats but they refused. 'They prefer India over Pakistan for training, he said. He said he will travel to US and Canada to deliver lecturers in June. He said he puts light on international issues in his lectures. He said the US accepts that Pakistan made good progress during his rule.