OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Loyalists of Facebook leader Pervez Musharraf have announced their boss video address to the supporters of APML on April 17 in the provincial capital but once again failed to give a timeframe regarding Musharrafs return. APML leaders Fawad Chaudhry along with other Musharraf loyalists made this announcement while addressing a press conference at his office on Friday. Claiming that April 17 moot would prove a new dawn in the political history of the country, Fawad maintained that Musharraf would make a direct contact with the oppressed classes through this address. However, terming the comeback of Musharraf as a political decision, Fawad had failed to give a direct response on the dictators return. The APML leader had taken by surprise the small group of newsmen when he said that Pervez Musharraf was very excited to return to Pakistan but his loyalists had advised him to wait for an appropriate time due to the reasons best known to Musharrafs close aides. He claimed that Musharraf would land in one of the provincial capitals of Pakistan possibly Lahore to take part in the next general elections. Fawad while saying that FIAs red warrant against Musharraf was nothing to do with his return, claiming that red warrants issued in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case had no legal position. APML leader without having any organisational set up of his party on the ground and partys top man abroad asserted that Musharraf loyalists would make a 'big alliance with small factions of Muslim Leagues, besides reaching out to PTI and MQM. It is to be mentioned here that APML leaders participated in April 10 moot of the MQM in the provincial metropolis, while the Musharraf supporters considers MQM being their major supporters in the urban centres of Sindh. Responding to query about the MQM entry to Punjab, he claimed that MQM would succeed in attaining masses support like APML. Fawad unveiled a 'White Paper against the poor performance of PML-N-led Punjab government, which covered no new facts and figures regarding the governance or policies of the provincial government and just traditional claims and allegations. He alleged that PML-N had miserably failed to comply with even the claims made by its chief minister when he taken over the reigns of power in Punjab.