ISLAMABAD - Ostensibly, in a bid to rein in corruption-plagued CDA officials and to shun the illegal practice of encroachment on land in areas fall under CDA municipal limits, an MNA has initiated a CDA Ordinance 1960 (amendment) Bill that provides for strict action including imprisonment and heavy fine to responsible. The bill, a copy of which has already been submitted to the Secretary National Assembly, seeks punishment of imprisonment for a term of five years and with fine not less than Rs1 million to officials empowered to control encroachment and encroachers if found guilty. MNA Khuram Jehangir Wattoo of ruling PPPP initiated the amendment bill seeking amendment in CDA Ordinance 1960. Wattoo, while addressing the un-addressed or one can say flexible rules towards violators in this regard, has provided a golden opportunity to potentially curb the menace of encroachments on state land across Federal Capital. The bill seeks the insertion of Section 46(AA) after the existing Section 46(A) in the Capital Development Authority Ordinance, 1960 (Ordinance No XXIII of 1960). The draft section reads as: 46AA. Causing Encroachments, Unauthorised Occupations, Possessions or Constructions, ect: 1) Whoever encroaches or unauthorisedly occupies or possesses, or causes unauthorised constructions for any purpose on any property which vests in the Authority, or in violation of any permission of the Authority, or abets, being a person who is empowered to control such encroachment or unauthorised occupation or possession, or unauthorised construction, permits such encroachment, unauthorised occupation or possession or unauthorised constructions, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of five years and with fine which shall not be than rupees one million or according to the quantum of loss caused to the Authority, whichever is more. 2) The authority shall remove encroachments, unauthorised occupations, possessions or constructions on the expense of the person causing such encroachment, unauthorised occupation, possession or construction which shall be deposited in the account of the Authority through a dully issued challan for the purpose. 3) Any person, so authorised by the Authority, or having information of such encroachment, unauthorised occupation or possession, or unauthorised construction, may report to thethe concerned police for necessary assistance, if needed.