KARACHI All the nationalist parties of Sindh under the umbrella of Census Monitoring Committee on Friday declared no-confidence over the transparency of the ongoing house-counting exercise, the first phase of census, being undertaken in Sindh. The leaders of Census Monitoring Committee, an alliance of 13 nationalist parties and civil society organizations while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, made an appealed to all national & international forums to take cognisance of the malpractices in the on-going census operations in Sindh, which aimed at converting the Sindhi people into a minority in their own homeland. They demanded of the government to take corrective measures immediately and check the ill-intended conspiracies of an urban based party, a coalition partner of govt, otherwise Sindhi people retain the right to launch a massive democratic struggle to safeguard their majority status and eternal rights in the federation of Pakistan. Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah, convenor of Census Monitoring Committee and chief of JUP, JSQM chief Bashir Khan Qureshi, Shah Mohammad Shah, chief of Awami Jamhori Party Abrar Kazi, Riaz Chandio of JSM, Dr. Safdar Sarki of Jeay Sindh Tehreek, Professor Aiaz Qureshi, Dr. Rajab Ali Memon of Sindh Tarqi Passand Party and others in their joint press conference sharing their apprehensions said that the most enumerators in urban localities and towns of Sindh are using blank papers and photocopied forms rather than the printed books prescribed and supplied by the Government. In many cases, pencil-work is being done which is likely to be manipulated to generate erroneous data. They announced that they vehemently reject the statements of census officials and political leaders of the ruling coalition that nothing can be done to count the illegal aliens and up-country economic migrants as separate entities in Sindh. It is frustrating to note that the Government has not declared any policy and solid measures to check the above mal-practices, record the correct number of households and exclude the illegal aliens from the citizenry of Pakistan. They pointed out that the number of enumerators deputed for the 6th Census is too short compared to the quantum of this sensitive work demanding high level of precision. On an average, each enumerator has been assigned 2 -3 blocks which might result in proxy enumeration and undercounting specially in rural districts of Sindh. District bureaucracy is not assigning due priority to the Census work. Hence, the enumerators and supervisors are neither being trained properly nor being given due facilities and administrative support. Nationalist parties leaders opined that there are media reports that the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has tacitly permitted its coalition partners in Sindh Government, to maintain full control of the Census machinery in Karachi, Hyderabad and some other towns thereby jeopardizing the transparency of this process. The uniform policy of selecting enumerators from Education Department is not being followed and the employees of KWSB, CDGK and other departments are being engaged in urban localities, which is violation of rules as well as conspiracy to exaggerate the number of houses in cities. Nationalist leaders pointed out that millions of 'upcountry economic migrants must be registered separately in the Non-Resident category of Sindh population as per standard practice in many developed countries. Likewise, over 3 million immigrants from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma and other countries should be counted as illegal aliens without any citizenship and/or, permanent residency rights in Sindh. In this connection, the NADRA should cancel dubious CNICs issued to over 1.3 million aliens, they demanded. They said that many of the 1.5 million families affected by Super Flood-2010 are stil1 residing in temporary abodes and are likely to be excluded from the count, besides due to wheat harvesting season and large scale transhumant migration of farm labour from desert & mountainous areas to barrage areas, so there is a risk that the temporary migrant families may not be accounted for. They said that they will meet with Census Commissioner of Sindh today (Saturday) and to provide him the proofs of irregularities they observed in the census process as well will suggest measures to ensure transparency of house counting process.