ISLAMABAD - Minister for Economic Affairs and Statistics Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh on Friday told the National Assembly that the total foreign loans outstanding against Pakistan at present are $57.967 billion. In these foreign loans, the minister in a written reply during the question-hour, said that total external debt $57.968 billion, public and publicity guaranteed debt $45,579 million, medium and long-term debts are $44,687 million, short-time debt $892 million. The minister further said that bank borrowing is $275 million, private sector debt is $3,231 million, and IMF loan is $8,882 million. To another question about unregistered residential religious seminaries, Minister for Interior Rehman Malik informed that in the federal capital 37 unregistered Madaras including 28 Deobandi, six Brelvi and one Ahle Hadees. The minister said that 13 cases of Madaris have been forwarded to the Directorate for registration. As many as 15,191 students are studying in the 154 registered Madaris in ICT whereas, the number of students in unregistered Madaris has not been ascertained, he added. To another question, he said that in total 339 licences including 239 prohibited and 100 non-prohibited arms licences had been issued since 2010. The Prime Minister had accorded approval for issuance of new arms licences during 2010 due to imposition of ban. The ban was imposed on the issuance of new arms licences from January 2010, while presently there was no ban. To a question about the provinces' details of the losses of lives and properties occurred in terrorist activities during the last three years, Malik said that 224 persons were killed and 4580 got injured in 12 incidents during the current year. The minister said that 3896 were killed and 7290 injured in 41 incidents during 2010. As many as 1838 were killed in 47 cases in 2009 and 1236 were killed in 29 cases during the year 2008. To a question, Minister for Commerce Amin Fahim said that the government was making efforts to increase exports to bring down trade deficit. He said that the reasons behind the trade deficit was massive import of petroleum product, auto mobile, etc. Pakistan's constant trade deficit with Saudi Arabia and certain other Middle Eastern countries was due to the import of oil from these states. The trade deficit with Malaysia and Indonesia was because of the increasing import of Palm oil by Pakistan, he said. The minister said that Pakistan's trade deficit with Argentina was $14.8 million, Australia $438.7 million, Canada $203 million, China $3256 million, Japan $1431 million, India $957.2 million, UAE $3308.7 million in 2009-10. To another question, Minister for Interior Rehman Malik said that 436 persons were offloaded due to fake visas during the last two years. In a written reply, the minister said that 195 were offloaded in 2009, 221 in 2010 and 20 during the current year. He said that 420 cases were challaned and 379 were convicted.