Water level in Tarbela Dam continues to remain at dead level, leading to closure of 12 units of its power house. As a result, the power generation is down to 290MW against the overall capacity of 3, 400 MW. According to Indus River System Authority (IRSA), water level in Terbela is at 1, 378 feet. Water inflow and outflow has been recorded at 26, 900 cusecs. In Mangla dam, water inflow is up by 4, 000 cusecs, raising level of water by 52.9 feet above the dead level. Overall, water level at Mangla has been recorded at 1, 092.90 feet. Water inflow is 50, 956 cusecs and outflow is at 42, 000 cusecs. Authorities have increased the water outflow from Mangla dam.