LAHORE-Much to the excitement of Punjab Assembly employees, who will be getting additional allowances without any break since March 4, the Opposition has submitted another requisition in the Punjab Assembly Secretariat to convene the session adjourned just one day ago. PPPs Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shaukat Mahmood Basra submitted the requisition bearing signatures of 108 members. Basra stated that the Opposition wanted to discuss water issue, wheat procurement, financial indiscipline in the Punjab, law and order and grievances of southern Punjab on the floor of the House. According to rules, all the assembly employees are entitled to get various allowances seven days preceding and seven days after the session besides the actual days when the assembly remains in session. For lawmakers, this calculation is made three days preceding and an equal number of days after the session. The 23rd session actually lasted for 21 days, starting on March 11 and ending on March 31, but the assembly staff got allowances for 35 days and legislators for 6 additional days. The total number of employees in the assembly stands at 736 and they are entitled to receive session allowance which is 100 per cent of their basic salary, overtime, which is Rs 300 per day and other allowances. The assembly members are given allowance at the rate of Rs 2,450 per day apart from monthly emolument which is around Rs 42,000 per member. The last session ending on April 14 and which did not go beyond a day, cost the exchequer over Rs 10 million. It is inclusive of salaries and allowances given to the legislators and assembly staff. Out of the said amount, around Rs 1 million were paid to the employees under the head of allowances only. On Thursday, the assembly did not take up any official business as the legislators remained busy in trading allegations and cursing each others leadership. Talking to reporters after submitting the requisition, Basra said that the PPP would not let the government go scot-free. He questioned why the Punjab chief minister was reluctant to come to the assembly. He added the CM should at least tell the Opposition through media why he was shy of attending the assembly session. It is worth mentioning here that the PPP-led Opposition has made the chief ministers constant absence from assembly quite an issue. Shahbaz Sharif is also being grilled for his alleged arrogance and total reliance on bureaucracy instead of his cabinet ministers. The PPPs Ashraf Sohna pointed out during the Thursdays sitting that Shahbaz Sharif took offence when he (Sohna) in a cabinet meeting asked him to consult the ministers concerned in matters of postings and transfers of senior officers in their departments. He further told the House that his straight-talk displeased the chief minister who sent his Senior Advisor Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa to then senior minister Raja Riaz to convey his displeasure. On being told that he (Raja Riaz ) was out of city, Sardar Khosa travelled up Faisalabad and asked him to tell the PPP ministers to behave in CMs presence. Khosa, who was present in the House did not challenge veracity of Sohnas statement thereby implying that he (Sohna) was right. Meanwhile, Basra further said that one-day session was not enough for the Opposition as it wanted to raise a number of issues of public interest on assembly floor. He lambasted the Treasury for pointing out quorum again and again, saying this showed that it did not have the courage to face the Opposition.