LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that it is not possible to stop drone attacks, resulting in the death of innocent Pakistanis merely by resolutions and protest statements. For this purpose, he said, it is necessary to break the net of agreements made against the national interests keeping the masses in the dark and stand as a proud and sovereign nation in the real sense. He was addressing Muslim League-N workers here on Friday. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that drone attacks have posed the most serious challenge to the country. However, he said, this problem can be tackled and the Pakistani government and the nation hold the key to the solution of this issue. He said that it is high time that instead of merely issuing statements against drone attacks, Pakistan should part with the assistance being received under Kerry Lugar Bill and its terms and conditions. He further said that we should prove to the world that Pakistani nation is not a purchasable commodity and shall not bargain away the blood of its citizens for dollars. He expressed the opinion that like safeguarding the geographical frontiers of the country, protection of the life and property of the citizens is the responsibility of the government and the army and they will be held accountable by the masses and the history for failure in this regard. Shahbaz asked the Muslim League workers that besides promoting public awareness on this national issue they should also play their due role for forcing the government to adopt a result-oriented stance against drone attacks as this problem can be resolved not with statements but by taking decisions based on national pride and honour.