LAHORE - Pakistan Flour Mills Association Sindh Circle went on strike for three days from Friday against the Sindh governments ban on inter-district movement of wheat and flour. Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) Chairman Asim Raza Ahmed, terming it unconstitutional, has threatened a country-wide strike if the decision is not withdrawn. He said that all four mills of the province will neither crush the wheat nor do any other work in this regard. A press release of the PFMA has claimed that the mills stopped the washing of grains on Thursday which is usually done before grinding of wheat. He said that the ban would only hit growers and consumers in Sindh. The PFMA Chairman said that the provincial government is creating problems because the ban will cause flour shortage in Karachi due to a wide gap between demand and supply. He said that the inter-district ban in Sindh was unacceptable and added that there must be free trade in the whole country. The Sindh government has banned inter-district movement of the wheat and flour in Sindh, particularly in adjacent districts of Karachi and districts on the Sindh-Punjab border. As per stance of Sindh, the ban on the inter-district movement of wheat has been imposed to achieve the target of wheat purchase set by the provincial government. It is also said that the ban on wheat and flour movement has been placed to procure wheat at right prices from all districts and give growers a fair return for their produce.