WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Congress on Thursday sent President Barack Obama a bill cutting some $40 billion from domestic programmes and foreign aid, a skirmish in a broader war over the cash-strapped governments finances. The Senate voted 81-19 to pass the measure after the House of Representatives approved it by a 260-167 margin, sending it to Obama to sign into law and freeing polarized lawmakers to turn to other bitter spending feuds. The White House highlighted how support from both its Democratic allies and Republican foes had ensured passage of the bill, which funds the US government through September 30, ahead of what may be far more divisive battles. There are tough challenges ahead, from growing our economy to reducing our deficit, but we must build on this bipartisan compromise to tackle these issues and meet the expectations of the American people, said spokesman Jay Carney. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put the onus on Democrats, saying: Now, everyone claims to see the crises we face even those whove done so much to create them, and whove tried for too long to ignore them.