ISLAMABAD  - The residents of Bhara Kahu have been facing acute problems due to traffic mess at Murree Road particularly at Bhara Kahu.

Talking to the Online the residents of Bhara Kahu said that the schoolchildren, elderly men and women, and other commuters have been facing severe problems while crossing road at Atthal Chowk.

The road gets congested due to heavy flow of traffic and increasing number of encroachers. The people from all walks of life demanded the local administration of the Capital to take immediate step to control the situation and more over demanded that flyover should be set up for smooth flow of traffic and for easy crossing of commuters.

Meanwhile, residents of federal rural area, Bhara Kahu have urged CDA to take effective measures for provision of clean drinking water as they are confronted with acute water shortage.

The residents of Bhara Kahu said that water shortage has hit different parts of the area as Muslim town, Madina town, Malikabad, Tuheed Abad, Dhok Jilani, Simly dam, Kot Atthal, Usman Abad, Ghusia Street, New Abadi and Sahpur.

They added that the demand would increase in the upcoming months. The residents have demanded of CDA to ensure provision of water on priority basis.