KARACHI – In pursuance to the directives of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Commissioner Roshan Ali Shaikh has managed to reclaim a belt of Pakistan Railways land spreading over a five-km from Wazir Mansion to Gulbai.

The Commissioner said the campaign that succeeded in retrieval of the precious piece of land was supervised by Deputy Commissioner Gunhwar Ali Laghari and Assistant Commissioner (Harbour) Junaid Rajput.

“It was a joint effort of the city administration, area police and anti encroachment cell that led to recovery of the 43,360 square feet land,” said Shaikh.

To a question, he said he was fully aware of the details of the government land, also those that are property of state owned entities infringed by professional land grabbers under one or the other pretext.

“We have not only initiated a crackdown but have also chalked out a plan to counter the criminals,” he said.

The commissioner further said land mafia have to be strictly handled as they were also responsible to disturb peace and create law and order situation in a commercial hub of the country.

“We cannot allow any one to hamper economic activities in a city that is source of lifeline for the people as well as the country itself,” he said.

The commissioner also appealed to the people and the media to help government eliminate anti social elements that were after the peace and tranquillity in the city.