LAHORE - On his comeback to the PPP, Dr Fakhar-ud-Din claimed that PML-N was not a democratic party and was run by the Chief Minister as a dictator. While addressing a press conference after rejoining the PPP at Press Club on Sunday, Dr Fakhar claimed that the PML-N leadership did not believe in democratic trends and the party was run under the dictatorial shadow of Shahbaz Sharif.

Fakhar, formally PPP secretary information when he joined the PML-N, seemed extremely angry over the unknown actions of Shahbaz Sharif during his brief stay in the party.

He confessed that it was his blunder to leave PPP and advised the party activists and leaders never to think about leaving the party of Bhutto, which practice the democratic values in its true spirit.

The one-time PPP deserter, Fakhar said that PPP was just like his family, as the joint struggle of his father, brother and other family members was more than three decades.

Responding to a query, he said that he would be seen doing an important job for the party very soon, while he returned without consulting the PPP’s senior leadership.