RAWALPINDI - Residents are facing a lot of difficulties due to the presence of heaps of garbage near Naseerabad Chowk since last many days.

According to details, the entire area is presenting a pathetic scenario of garbage amid mosquitoes in the most populated area of Rawalpindi.

The residents of Naseerabad are facing a lot of difficulties as the cleanliness staff is continuously neglecting the said problem.

Residents also complained that the concerned authorities are playing role of silent spectators rather than taking any measures for improving the cleanliness.

Meanwhile, buzzing flies over despicable food stalls at weekly bazaars and the utensils used to serve customers being cleansed with dirty water speak volumes of performance of the authorities concerned.

It was witnessed that the majority of the food stalls had been set up along sewage drains or near heaps of filth. Despite the extremely unhygienic condition of the food being sold by these vendors, the stalls are thronged by the customers.

The authorities concerned are not bothered to remove these vendors for selling substandard food.

Meanwhile, there is virtually no difference between prices in Sunday bazaars and those in city’s open markets. A comparison between prices at special bazaars and fruit and vegetable markets showed that the Sunday bazaars market authorities do not check the fruit and vegetable market rates while fixing the prices of different items.

The weekly bazaars have failed to provide quality food items, especially vegetables and fruits to the residents at reasonable prices, as prices of most of the items in these bazaars have a minor difference of Rs 3 to 5 as compared to other fruit and vegetable markets in the city.

Sunday bazaars also lack proper security measures and there is a need to enhance the security to avoid any untoward incident.