KARACHI – MQM Coordination Committee on Sunday warmly welcomed the announcement by President Asif Ali Zardari about practical steps for the creation of Seraikistan province. The committee said that the unequivocal announcement by the president regarding the creation of Seraiki province was heartening, and the MQM believed that practical steps should be taken for it. The committee said that the demand of the people living in Hazara for a separate province should also be considered. The committee said that the people of Hazara had been demanding a separate province for the fulfilment of their political, cultural and economic aspirations. “They are offering sacrifices for their struggle. And their demand is gaining momentum with the passage of time.”The committee said the MQM bill for the creation of Hazara and Seraiki provinces submitted in the National Assembly and the Senate should be retrieved from the cold storage after the announcement of President Zardari. It also called for a parliamentary debate on the MQM-tabled bills for the creation of new provinces.  The committee said it was the high time to remove the sense of deprivation among the people for the integrity and security of the country.