SIBBI/LAHORE  – PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif on Sunday expressed his pessimism with working of the present government and demanded holding  of early elections to end crises. In a telephonic address to PML-N officebearers of Sibbi, he said rulers should behave rationally and take drastic measures to resolve all issues of Baloch people as the situation was growing grim.He said the issues of unemployment, terrorism, energy and loadshedding had been proving hard for the masses, and the rulers were completely failed to address them.The Baloch populace was being constantly ignored, he said, adding, Musharraf had crossed all limits during his tenure by attacking the poor province. The local leadership including district coordinator Haji Sahib Jan Marri, Mir Asghar Marri and others were also present on the occasion.The participants condemned killing incidents of local people and demanded arrest of all the persons involved in such incidents.