MOST parents instinctively know when it is time to change a baby’s nappy. But despite the telltale signs, modern technology has stepped in to try to make it even easier. A monitoring system built into an infant babygro sends emails or text messages to parents to warn them that a nappy change might be needed.

It can also detect a baby’s heart rate, temperature and whether their breathing patterns have changed – and can even be programmed to let you know whether your child is happy, grumpy or upset.

Parenting experts are warning that it could fuel anxiety and replace natural instincts, but its manufacturers say it provides additional peace of mind. The system works by detecting moisture on the baby’s skin, which indicates that the nappy has begun to leak.

A special thread woven into the fabric senses electrical signals on the skin. When the skin becomes moist, the signal becomes stronger because the liquid conducts electricity. This information triggers an email or text alert.  The thread will pick up a soiled nappy only once it has begun to leak, which many parents would argue is already too late.               –MO

The £93 system, called ExmoBaby and developed in America, uses the same threads to pick up the baby’s pulse and breathing rate.

Judy Reith, from parent coaching firm Parenting People, said: ‘This will take away from parents something which should be instinctive. It fuels parental anxiety. It’s far better to keep  an eye on our babies and use human touch to work out  when something is wrong.’

A spokesman for the device’s developers said: ‘We imagine people being there with their baby looking at the data and learning more about their baby. They want to research their baby’s development.’

The product will be available in the UK once a mobile phone company partner is found.