Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said Islamabad now trusts New Delhi more than ever before and believes the Kashmir dispute cannot be a roadblock.

“We will trust India more in whatever we do. We are clear on this,” Khar told Hindustan Times.  She said although the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved, it need not be the point of start.

“Our intention is to solve the Kashmir problem. But let us start with the less complicated problems. We will deal with our differences in a different mode,” Khar said.

On Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s much-anticipated but yet undecided trip to Pakistan, she said: “This only states the clear direction of our foreign policy that we will not let go any desire from India unattended.”

India and Pakistan have a legacy of three wars since independence. Khar said the time had come to “not get bogged down by the old mindset”.

She said Pakistan is turning a new leaf. “Should the political mindset adopt or co-opt the military mindset? Issues are dealt with military mindset alright, but the problems are ultimately solved by a political mindset.”

Khar said Pakistan and India should take a lesson from the recent avalanche that buried 138 people in the Siachen sector and review troop deployments on the Himalayan glacier.

Pakistani analysts and politicians have called for a review of the deployment of forces at Siachen, where soldiers from the two countries have been engaged in standoff since 1984.

The guns have largely been silent since late 2003, when the two sides put in place a ceasefire along the frontiers in Jammu and Kashmir, and more troops have died due to the adverse weather than combat.

Khar further said Pakistan wants peaceful relations with India and President Asif Ali Zardari's day-long visit to the neighbouring country on April 8 had helped in improving ties between the two countries.