NANKANA SAHIB - The Sikh Yatrees from India and across the world visited Gurdwara Sacha Soda in Farooqabad and performed there Matha Takki and other religious rituals on Sunday.On Monday (today) afternoon, they will go to Lahore on special trains. Talking to the journalists, they said that the masses living in both the sides of the border want peace and better relationship between India and Pakistan. They said that they consider Pakistan as their second home since a number of holly places of the Sikh religion are in Pakistan. Baisakhi Festival is a message of love, peace, unity, harmony, tolerance and respect of others, they added. They said that Baisakhi teaches respect, care and good wishes for the humanity in the world. They appreciated and thanked the warm welcome given to them throughout Pakistan and travelling, boarding, conveyance and other facilities provided by Evacuee Trust Property Board Chairman Syed Asif Hashmi, Additional Secretary Shrines Zahid Hussain Bukhari and Deputy Secretary Shrines Syed Faraz Abbas. “We express our sorrow over the killings of civilians and Pakistan police, Army and any innocent people by American and Nato forces including  drone attacks in Pakistan,” said Man Mohan Singh Khalsa, the chairman of the World Muslim-Sikh Federation from the UK working for human rights in South Asia.   Talking to the TheNation in Gurdwara Janamasthan, he also expressed his sorrow for the people died in suicide attacks in Pakistan as well as in the other parts of the World.  He lamented that America is the biggest terrorist in the whole world. America don’t want peace and friendship between Pakistan and India. To a question regarding head money on Hafiz Saeed by America, he regretted that America is the biggest enemy of peace and tolerance in the world. American double standard is the main source of terrorism in different countries and new American world agenda is producing terrorism in the world. According to him also India must be reorganized as per natural, logical, justified and moral grounds and wishes and right to freedom of the people of Kashmir, Khalistan, Nagaland, Manipur, Asam and others parts of the world. America would also divide into several independent states like Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, he said and added that United States of South Asia must be designed for the betterment of the masses of the region. Welcoming opening of the another trade route at the Wagah, he said that it was constructive and would produce further opportunities to bring prosperity in the countries.  Pakistan and India must work for the welfare, education, basic health facilities and betterment of the people of the both countries instead of spending their huge budget on defence, he observed and said both the countries should avoid their disputes like water, Kashmir etc and must resolve their differences through talks. Deputy secretary shrines Syed Faraz Abbas said that huge development, renovation, expansion and facilitation work was carried out at different Gurdwaras and other holly palaces in Pakistan during the tenure and acknowledged by the Sikh Yatrees.