ISLAMABAD - A number of political and civil society activists on Sunday visited the camp where Jahangir Akhtar — a businessman turned social activist — is observing hunger strike against huge military spending in the country.

Jahangir Akhtar on Sunday, the second day of his hunger strike, said that expected 10 per cent increase in military spending in the upcoming budget is not acceptable. He said that the government should boost spending on health, education and other social sector projects by minimum of 100 per cent by asking military to observe austerity.

“Non-developmental expenditure must be reduced to enable Pakistan become a developed country otherwise we will have no future,” the political and social worker said. Jahangir added, “Population explosion is the biggest problem we face today but unfortunately, our planners have no time for it.” He said that clock is ticking fast and soon it might be too late to stop population tsunami, which will cause unprecedented devastation.”

“The government should undertake an ambitious programme to equip new generation with scientific and technical education.

Our educated youth will find jobs at home and many of them would be a great source of remittances,” he said, adding that providing enhanced educational opportunities is the only way to build up our future.

Otherwise, he said, millions of youth with nothing to do but to contribute in destruction of Pakistan. We don’t need an enemy if we continued to ignore education and plight of masses. Jahangir said that some two neighbouring countries cannot consider each other enemies and most favoured nations-this is height of hypocrisy, he added.

Conflict in the part of the world has made it home to most of the poor in the world with human development index below many African countries, he observed.

Confrontation has not helped masses of the region reeling under poverty, it has only helped defence contractors, he said. He said that Army should work with the Parliament following the pattern of India. We cannot afford any arms race or new war as all the wars fought between Pakistan and India were initiated by Islamabad.