A HOSPITAL patient was kicked and bitten to death by a stallion as she took a brief stroll on doctors’ orders.

The woman, 53, was repeatedly attacked by the horse, thought to belong to gypsies, as she wandered into a neighbouring field.

Her mauled body was found by walkers FIVE HOURS later with the beast still standing over her. Vets had to tranquillise the horse so cops could recover the victim after the attack near Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent.

A source close to the incident said: “This is a tragedy. Horses are generally docile but stallions can be highly strung and can turn nasty quickly, especially if they feel threatened and haven’t been castrated.

“This one seemed in quite a state and had to be sedated repeatedly so police could carry out their investigations.”

Forensic officers were finally able to take samples from its mouth and coat later that evening but the animal was not put down.

Police believe the victim, from nearby Gravesend, was attacked at around 10am on Friday. They were trying last night to find out whether the horror was captured on hospital CCTV.     –TS