KARACHI - Unneeded and repeated calls for strikes and mourning days by political parities and transporters in the metropolis have resulted in immense academic losses to students of all public and private schools, colleges and universities.

With the start of the new academic session, educational institutions, especially schools and colleges, were compelled to close down for four days due to the strikes called by political parities and transporters.

Lyari Town is one of the most affected towns of the city, where educational institutions have been faced with forced closures. These institutions opened for up to three days in the past 15 days. Similarly, the ongoing riots in Lyari Town forced the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) to postpone Saturday’s paper during the SSC examination. Also, a recent strike called by transporters caused suspension of a paper.

Poor law and order situation and targeted killing have become a quandary for students, their parents and schools’ managements, as the forced closure of educational institutions in the city has become a regular feature. As per the rules of the Sindh Education Department, schools’ administrations are directed to open 200 days a year. But, these schools are unable to meet the set target due to the worst law and order situation in the city.


Educationists and citizens have expressed serious concerns over the poor law and order situation and unnecessary closure of educational institutions in the city. They condemn the lethargic behaviour of the government towards the restoration of peace and harmony in the largest city of the country, where the citizens are left on the mercy of political mafias and criminals.

They say that future of students was at the stake due to the callous attitude of political parties, the government and establishment.  Educationalist and a member of Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) Prof Iftikhar Azmi expressed serious concerns over the future of education in the metropolis, where especially education is being targeted. He said that the government was required to focus on the progress of education.

Peak Private Schools Association, Sindh, President Peak Haider Ali said that all authorities concerned are required to reinstate peace and harmony in the city to make the educational system better. He said that private schools are opened only for 170 to 180 days in the city due to the meager law and order situation. Touseef Ahmed, a father of 13 years old boy, said that the unexpected holidays have raised a question mark on the future of my son who is studying in middle school. He said that the meager law and order situation was really destroying the education of the economic hub of the country.

Kashif Hussain, father of six years old son and three years of a daughter, said that the education is being targeted in the city, saying that our politicians are unconcerned towards the basic educational issues of the public. Conversely, the sectarian and ethnic violence were other culprits, destabilizing the already damaged educational environment in the largest city of country, he said and added that the government has failed to protect the basic rights of the citizens who are suffering feelings of insecurity in the city where member parliament and ministers are even not safe.