LAHORE - Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA) Chief Engineer Saeed Akhtar, spearheading “Metro Bus” dream of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, is likely to be sacked in corruption case, sources informed TheNation on Sunday.

After getting forced retirement, he will have to face 10 percent deduction in his pension in line with the case of former LDA Chief Engineer Abdul Rab who had to face forced retirement with 10 percent cut in his pension in the similar corruption case.

All procedural measures have been taken to show him the door after inquiry proved him guilty for embezzlement in construction of LDA office building (Block IV and V) at MA Johar Town. Inquiry headed by the then LDA ADG Hafiz Ahsan ul Haq (Headquarters) was initiated on the strong recommendations of Chief Minister Inspection Team (CMIT) to trace out irregularities and funds misappropriations in the construction of LDA building.

The sources revealed that LDA DG Ahad Cheema had sent the corruption case to Director Administration Khalid Pervaiz as a final step and Saeed Akhtar would be forced to retire in a couple of days. The sources said that Chief Minister’s Inspection Team observed various irregularities in the project of construction of LDA Office Building.

Inquiry began on orders of LDA Director General, vide No LDA/ADMN/ENQ/O&M/3895/1334 dated 26-05-2011 (F/A) to proceed against Abdul Rab, Deputy Director (Engineering), the then Chief Engineer; Muhammad Saeed Akhtar, Muhammad Ijaz Kausar and Ahmad Nawaz, Directors Buildings-1; Asad Abbas Jaffary, Deputy Director (Engineering), the then Director (EME), Iqbal Javaid, Deputy Director Buildings-1; Zaheer Ahmad Khan Niazi and Ajmal Khan, Assistant Directors Building-1; Ikram-ur-Rehman Assistant Director (Electrical), Ihsan Elahi and Waseem Ghauri, Sub-Engineers(Electrical), LDA under Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability Act, 2006 and to conduct a regular enquiry on the charges of inefficiency, misconduct and corruption narrated as under:-CMIT report laid bare the facts that during construction of LDA Office Building many discrepancies involving corruption and mismanagement were found.

Report said that the work was intentionally split into three parts to keep it within the approving power of the LDA DG to avoid its due scrutiny by the designated authority/competent forum and the technical sanction was accorded by adding up three approvals to award the work for the full amount in violation of financial rules/ codal formalities. “Rs 83.561 million were released to the contractor against his contract agreement Rs 75.146 million without approval of the competent authority.

“10 percent performance security was ‘not obtained’ from the contractor as required under the rules thus giving undue financial benefit to him.

High rates were offered to the contractor for providing fixing steel jungla grill on boundary wall,” report disclosed.

In the light of report, inquiry was held which observed that two administrative approvals for the same project were accorded on the same day, i.e, on February 15, 2010 and the third approval for the same project was accorded on February 17, which were got approved separately to keep them within the competency of the LDA DG (Rs 25 million), which is a gross violation of financial and codal formalities.

It is pertinent to mention here that a note was initiated by TEPA chief engineer and the then LDA director building Muhammad Saeed Akhter, on March 9,2010 (F/Q) with the request that the LDA DG  may kindly allow to consolidate all the three administrative approvals for the purpose of calling single tender whereas the available record reveals that the technical sanction amounting to Rs 73,615,800  already stood issued by Ch Abdul Rab, the then Chief Engineer, LDA vide NO.CE/LDA/PS/95 dated February 18, 2010 (F/R) by consolidating all the three administrative approvals without obtaining approval from the competent forum. Subsequently the tenders were called and opened on March 3, 2010 (F/S). The record further reveals that the LDA DG was kept in the dark by both M/s Abdul Rab and Muhammad Saeed Akhter, with mala-fide intention and ulterior motives. 

Inquiry said that administrative approvals had already been consolidated by Ch Abdul Rab in the Technical Sanction issued by him on February 18, 2010 for opening tenders on March 3, 2010. The DG on March 11,2010 approved the fictitious proposal initiated by the then Director Buildings and endorsed by the then Chief Engineer.

Inquiry further recommended that Muhammad Saeed Akhter, may be awarded major penalty of “Compulsory Retirement” under Section 4(1) (b)(iv) of PEEDA Act 2006.