SADIQABAD - If the provincial status is not restored, the people of Bahawalpur and Hazara would have recourse to rebellion as a last resort like those of Balochistan and East Pakistan, threatened the local political bigwigs during a public gathering held on a road, blocking traffic here “We will not hesitate to render any sacrifice for the restoration of the province. The rulers are continuously are working against the wishes of the people. If the swayers do not mend their ways, we will resort to mutiny,” they said while addressing a public gathering on the National Highways near Ranjhay Khan here. Because of the public meeting, the road remained blocked for more than four hours for the vehicular movement and miles of long queues of vehicles were seen on both the sides of the road. The meeting was addressed by Bahawalpur National Awami Party chief Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi, PML-F Punjab President Syed Ahmad Mehmood, National Party President Farooq Azam, Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Waseem Akhter, former Bahawalpur district nazim Mumtaz Matiana, former MNA Immaduddin and MNA Syed Mustafa Mehmood. They urged Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to get a bill passed from the Punjab Assembly with two third majority in favour of Bahawalpur province instead of announcing their support for the restoration movement, They mentioned that Bahawalpur was a developed state in the Subcontinent before its merger in the Punjab. “We rendered sacrifice for Pakistan but our rivers were sold and our resources were being spent on Upper Punjab and the people were made slaves to the officials sitting in Lahore. But now the Bahawalpur people have waken up and are ready to sacrifice in order to get their rights at all costs,” they added. “If Bahawalpur and Hazara provinces are not restored, the people will get them forcibly restored.”Regarding the creation of Seraiki province, they made it clear that they had no objection over it but would not allow to make Bahawalpur region a part of Seraiki province. Addressing the participants, Nawab Salahuddin said that for the last 64 years, the resources of the region were being looted uncompassionate. “Our funds and resources are being spent on Upper Punjab by the Punjab rulers and we have been kept slaves and subjugated. Talking about the former Bahawalpur State, he said that before the creation of Pakistan, the state was prosperous and its justice, education, health and defence systems were acknowledged across the Subcontinent. “Our predecessors rendered sacrifice for Pakistan which was made on the name of Islam and merged the state in the newly-created country immediately. My forefather Nawab Sadiq Abbasi signed an agreement with Hazrat Quaid-i-Azam and Bahawalpur was given the status of a province but later in 1970, a dictator, Yahya Khan, merged the province in the Punjab province,” he regretted.He challenged Prime Minister Gilani to contest election from any constituency of Bahawalpur Division on the one-point agenda of the creation of Seraiki province and restoration of Bahawalpur province.  If, he added, the PM won the election, he would withdraw the restoration demand. The PML-F leader said that the restoration was now a matter of life and death for us. He expressed with regret that there are only four colleges for 4 million population of Rahim Yar Khan while district Gujranwala consists of the same population with 16 colleges. He said that opportunities of industries, health and employment were being given to the people of Lahore and of its surrounding areas while Bahawalpur people have been left deprived.  Hazara Province Movement chief Baba Haider Zaman said that Peshawar was looting the resources of his region, adding that now the movement would end after reaching the destination. He mentioned that after the partition, Hindustan consisted of five provinces but now the country had been divided into 40 administrative units. On the occasion, the JI ameer said that his party was supporting the demand for creation of Bahawalpur, Multan, Hazara and Potohar provinces.  Makhdoom Immaduddin said that the people of Waseb would not hesitate to render any sacrifice for the restoration of Bahawalpur. MNA Mehmood said that we could not help bringing about change in the region with the help of the people. Mr Mumtaz said that Bahawalpur was the most backward area of the country, adding that the Sharif brothers had announced their support for the restoration.