RAWALPINDI- Fruit and vegetables have gone almost out of reach for the common man due to its higher prices in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

According to a survey conducted by APP, in the twin cities, prices of fruit and vegetables continue to rise for the past many weeks due to many reasons especially increase in rates of petroleum producs.

A number of customers complained that shopkeepers are violating the price lists issued by the local Price Magistrates to the shopkeepers and vendors.

“The shopkeepers and vendors are overcharging the customers and demanding prices of their own will under the pretext of recent increase in the prices of petroleum products,” Shahzad Butt a customer told APP.

According to the survey, apple is being sold at Rs 100 to 200 per kilogram, Banana Rs 100 to 150 per dozen, melon Rs.60 to 70 per kg, strawberry 160 per kg, orange Rs.160 200 per dozen, apricot Rs 100 to 140 per kg and Guava Rs 80 to 100 per kg.

Similarly, the prices of vegetables have also gone up as Tomato is being sold at Rs 80 per kilogram, Lady finger Rs 200, Onion Rs 30 to 40 per kg, Potato Rs 20 to 40, bitter gourd Rs 200 per kg, cabbage Rs 50 to 70 per kg and Brinjal Rs 100 per kg.

“Skyrocketing fruit prices have turned fruit markets into a no go zone for the citizens, another customer Azam Khan said.

The fruit vendors have increased the rates of different items by around three hundred percent, giving the reason that there is shortage of the commodity.

A fruit vendor, Muhammad Amir Khan told APP that the we are getting fruit and vegetables at higher rates from the main market, adding that the wholesalers in the main market have increased the rates of fruits and vegetables.