ISLAMABAD - Abdul Wali Khan (AWK) University, Mardan Sports Complex is named after Amjad Aziz Malik, in recognition of his matchless services for sports.

Amjad has recently returned as Association of International Press Sports (Asia) secretary through an open election held in Bahrain. Vice Chancellor of the university Dr Ehsan Ali announced this in a ceremony arranged to honour Amjad Aziz at the campus.

Addressing the faculties and students of journalism and health and physical education departments, the vice chancellor said: “The achievements earned by Amjad Aziz without any support from homeland at the international arena of sports journalism in a time, when the motherland was experiencing severe state of challenges in wake of extremism and terrorism oriented incidences, is a pleasant message to the world.”

“This singular achievement must be a glaring realization to sports journalists across the world that Pakistan was not a terrorist country. Truly, the nation has established the reality of bearing soft image through the marvelous sacrifices, which right from common citizens to army soldiers and officers, police and other security forces have offered in the war against terrorism. The world must acknowledge the valuable contribution of this country,” he added. Dr Ehsan Ali pointed out that living nations always placed their heroes at highest esteem and with this logic in mind, it was in fitness of things to enable Amjad to share his experiences for development and progress of Abdul Wali Khan University and his services would be remembered for a long time to come.

Chairman Journalism Department of the university Shiraz Paracha said Amjad highlighted his achievements and experiences in detail to help the students of journalism seek inspiration. He also declared to facilitate two students of journalism department of the university to visit abroad to enrich their knowledge and avail training opportunities in the field of sports.

In the end, Dr Ehsan Ali also presented a shield to Amjad Aziz. Rawalpindi Islamabad Sports Journalists Association (RISJA) president Mohsin Ali, secretary Shakir Abbasi and members also congratulated Amjad for this achievement and described it as a great honor for the entire sports journalists community.