LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan and Leader of Opposition Mian Mahmudur Rashid have agreed to get legislation on compulsory blood test of the Assembly members and disqualify those who would be found using prohibited drugs.

The situation came up in the Assembly yesterday when both the politicians appeared before media in their turn.

Mian Mahmudur Rashid, after learning about the mandatory blood test, commented that the first victim of the test would be the law minister himself.

When it struck the minister’s ears, he held that all members should be passed through the test. “Not me, but many others would surely be disqualified,” Rana Sanaullah challenged.

Sticking to his guns, the opposition leader also agreed to the minister for transacting a law on this count that whichever member would be found using the banned drug, he/she would stand disqualified to hold the assembly representation.

The situation was quite hilarious and enjoyable for the onlookers in the assembly premises.