islamabad - Chairman National Accountability Bureau Qamar Zaman Chaudhry yesterday said that NAB is committed to eradicate corruption across the board by adopting zero tolerance policy against the corrupt and corrupt practices.

While addressing the officers here at NAB headquarters, he said that Father of Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan had termed corruption as a poison which needed to be put down with an iron hand.

He said, “Starting with the year 2014, which can be called basically a year of reinvigoration, we have moved with new zeal and effort. Through detailed introspection and analysis of organisational weaknesses, overhaul of procedures and business processes, all pillars of the organization i.e. operations, prosecution, human resource development and awareness and prevention have been reactivated. Organ-gram was revisited to transform NAB into a lean, efficient, and responsive organization.”

The chairman said that to close the possibility of any single NAB officer influencing the discharge of official business, the concept of Combined Investigation Team (CIT) was introduced where two investigation officers and a legal consultant are working as a team for fair, transparent and unbiased inquiries and investigations. To ensure objectivity and standardization across the board, the standard operating procedures (SOPs) were examined and revisited through a participative exercise spread over four months for up-gradation and implementation. These SOPs are placed on NAB’s website for convenience of all individuals interacting with NAB.

He said that NAB has been rejuvenated and it has recovered Rs 274 billion since its inception. He said that NAB preamble emphasizes on recovery of looted money if accused is willing to return the same. If the accused is willing to pay principal amount plus Kibor rate, he is within his rights under the law to do so. The NAB evaluates the offer with appropriate guarantees. The case is presented in the regional or central executive board for consideration and approval of the chairman. If offer is considered unsatisfactory, same is rejected and case is processed for further action.

He said that youth is the future of Pakistan; therefore NAB has laid special emphases on youth. Ten thousands character building societies (CBS) have been set up in the universities and colleges across the country to build an effective edifice against corruption. An MOU has been signed in October 2014 with HEC in this respect. The National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) is being upgraded in collaboration with Planning Commission of Pakistan to cater to the present day requirements. It is encouraging for NAB that for the first time anti-corruption has been made a part of development agenda in Pakistan in the context of governance. The Planning Commission of Pakistan has included a chapter devoted to issues of corruption in the 11th five year plan and the NAB intends to work closely with Planning Commission to achieve the goals set in the 11th five years plan for eradication of corruption, the chairman said.

He urged all segments of society to join hand with NAB in its countrywide campaign ‘Say No To Corruption.’