ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is working to introduce a new National Tourism Policy to build tourism infrastructure and devise focused promotional strategies for uplifting the country's image, said Managing Director Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor on Thursday.

He told APP that the new tourism policy would have various aspects, including promotion, awareness, branding and marketing.

The policy is aimed at helping restructure government departments that regulate tourism, uplift existing infrastructure and encourage the private sector to come up with innovative ideas to promote tourism in the country.

He said in this regard a feedback was taken from all the tourism industry stakeholders to get input on the proposed National Tourism Policy on the after effects of devolution of tourism to provinces and the problems, issues being faced by the tourism industry currently and their solutions.

He informed that as per vision of the present government, PTDC is struggling hard to promote tourism within the country and abroad for creating a tourist friendly image of Pakistan all over the world.

He said the policy was being devised to ensure the provision of state-of-the-art tourism services across the province.

Meanwhile, the managing director called on Ambassador of Tajikistan in Pakistan Sherali Jononov here at Islamabad and discussed joint tourism cooperation.

The PTDC MD said that tourist flow between Pakistan and Tajikistan can be further enhanced by promoting each other's tourism destinations among nationals of both the countries, said a press release.

He said that there is an immense potential for joint promotion of tourism between Tajikistan and Pakistan being the sharers of many common cultural values of Muslim brotherhood.

He further added that Pakistan is completely safe and secure tourism destination for tourists from all over the world. We have opened our doors for the tourists from around the world to come and enjoy our hospitality, see and believe that we have the most of nature blessed treasures spread all over Pakistan from Khunjerab to Karachi.

PTDC and Tajikistan National Tourism Organization may enter in to an agreement of mutual cooperation, in which, the articles for possible areas of joint tourism promotion will be added. He said that being one of the most blessed tourism destinations of the World, Pakistan can truly be a most favourite destination for Tajik nationals.

Ambassador of Tajikistan Jononov Sherali, appreciated the gesture of goodwill provided by PTDC during visit of high-level delegation from Tajikistan last week, which has been largely appreciated by Tajik government.

He added that in order to strengthen the tourism relations between Pakistan and Tajikistan, an establishment of a working group on tourism is already under consideration.

Flight operations will be started shortly once approval is received. He said that entering in to MoU on tourism cooperation will definitely increase tourist flow between the two brotherly countries.

He invited Managing Director PTDC to visit Tajikistan and experience the development and environment maintained by Tajikistan.