KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan Bahadurabad faction convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Sunday demanded the prime minister, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff to take notice of allegations levelled by the MQM-P lawmakers over threats being hurled at them to change their party loyalties and determine as to which institution and on whose directions is working to change loyalties of party lawmakers.

Addressing a press conference along with the members of the coordination committee at makeshift headquarters in Bahadurabad, Siddique said that the entire MQM-P paid tribute to the party lawmakers Nishat Zia Qadri and Jamal Ahmed who had courageously spoken about the pressures on them to switch their loyalties towards PSP in Sunday morning press conference and said that a thorough investigations be carried out as to whether these threats are being hurled at the lawmakers in personal capacity from anyone or as an institution.

“After the courage shown by our lawmakers, it is now our responsibility to join their voice against the threats being hurled at them,” he said adding that the two lawmakers had given a message to all party leaders and activists that if they ensure unity among their ranks then no outsider force or political party could neither eliminate them nor force them to bow down.

He said that if this process of courage would continue then the period of suppression would soon come to an end.

“It is our humble request from the government and establishment to probe as to who is behind such acts of hurling threats to change loyalties to our lawmakers and party men,” he said.

He said that MQM-P had always and especially after the August 22 has clearly stated that its politics would not be based on violence and hatred for anyone.

“We will neither suppress anybody nor will accept suppression,” he said adding that the success is waiting for them if they would implement on their policies.

He said that the entire MQM-P was unaware of the meeting held by Farooq Sattar with PSP leaders on November 3, just before the announcement to join hands with PSP on November 08, and the senior MQM-P leader should clarify the allegations hurled in another press conference, refereeing to a presser from Mustafa Kamal.

He said that MQM-P is still united and gaining strength and the party had earlier faced such difficult situations and after every such situation they have come out with more strength.

“The party was only saved by its unity not the leaders or personalities in past and this time also it would be the unity among party rank and file that could save them,” he said.

He further asked the MQM-P supporters and voters to even do not vote for them if they would be sitting on any other platform and asking for the votes.

He said that they would firmly stand along the activists if any pressure is exerted on them and now it is their responsibility to safeguard the party activists.

He said that MQM-P has always got the mandate from the urban centers on the basis of its ideology and political style and the party is standing with its election symbol Kite and masses would vote for it in large numbers in the upcoming polls.

“There is no division among MQM-P instead it is passing through a phase of purification,” he said and further added that the MQM-P had never closed doors for anyone to join it and the party would welcome anyone even after the deadline of April 16 it had set for the leaders and activist to rejoin them.

Further commenting on the attempts to remove Mayor Karachi from his post, Siddiqui said that any attempt to remove him would be a conspiracy against the city, Mohajir nation and the democracy. 

“If anyone from our side is involved then it is a shame for him,” he concluded.