MULTAN - Agriculture scientist Dr. Sagheer Ahmad Friday said the cotton crop, undergoing flower stage these days, was facing a threat of attacks by sucking pests and advised farmers to take timely measures to get enhanced production of the silver fibre.

The agriculture scientist from Cotton Research Station (CRS) Multan said that farmers should take remedial measures to save the crop against the potential threat of attacks by Jassid (Sabz Taila), Mealy Bug and White Fly (Safaid Makhi), says a release issued by the media liaison unit of the Punjab agriculture department.

Dr. Sagheer said that a survey by CRS Multan team had found colonies of white fly in many cotton areas. White fly releases some material that causes fungus and turns the leaf black. The phenomenon affects the food formation process in plants scientifically called photosynthesis which not only reduces production but also compromises the quality of fibre.

To control the threat posed by white fly, farmers should apply 200 ml per acre Pyriproxifin, or 600 gram per acre Buprofezin, or 250 ml per acre Difentheron. Farmers should also pay attention to removal of weeds. To control Mealy Bug, farmers should first identify the affected plants and fix a stick covered by some coloured piece of cloth near it so that it can be identified easily any time. The affected plants should be sprayed two to three times after consulting experts and monitoring should be ensured after the spray. Spray should also be applied on plants around the affected plant.

The save the crop from flower shedding, farmers should apply spray of 300 gram Potassium Nitrate, 300 gram Magnesium Sulphate, and 300 gram Boric Acid in 150 litre water per acre, the scientist said.