ISLAMABAD - President FPCCI Zakaria Usman said that Pakistan is playing leading role in different regional platforms and having their headquarters here like SAARC Chamber of Commerce, D8 Chamber of Commerce, Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Islamic Chamber of Commerce.

The Chairmanship of the ECO Chamber of Commerce will be transferred to Pakistan in next month for next three years.

 Moreover, Pakistan is one of those countries which have great potential for trade with other countries as it has specialised in different fields like textile, surgical, sports and leather and diversifying its exports from traditional to non-traditional items.

Zakaria Usman further said that the American GSP status to Pakistan has been expired since a long time but still we are waiting for the revival of the GSP status. The USA government should realised that despite the fact that Pakistan is battling terrorism and our Army is fighting a decisive battle in North Waziristan to eliminate terrorism and the country is incurring huge expenses on war against terrorism and in consequences the settlement of IDPs is created which is another big problem for us.

Moreover, we are facing shortage of energy due to which unemployment in the country has prevailed and ultimately it created law & order situation, but we have achieved our exports targets.

He said that it is not understandable that why American government have not yet revive the GSP status to Pakistan. 

The Political and Economic Chief of US Consulate General said that despite the fact of terrorism and problem of settlement of IDPs in view of the army operation against terrorism the economy of Pakistan strong.

He said that after the airport incident in Karachi the mind setup of foreign businessmen changed which obviously shadowed negative impact of the bilateral trade of Pakistan with other countries.