LAHORE - A two-year-old girl sustained wounds after being hit by a stray bullet on the rooftop of her house in Harbanspura, police sources said on Thursday. The victim identified was identified as Fatima, a resident of Rashidpura. According to her family, the baby girl was playing on the rooftop when a stray bullet hit her late Wednesday night. She was immediately rushed to a hospital where her condition was said to be out of danger. Many people defied police crackdown and resorted to aerial firing to celebrate Independence Day in Lahore. The police arrested a large number of violators but failed to stop aerial firing, fireworks and one wheeling.

Death in accidents

At least 33 people died and more than 5,600 were injured in road accidents which took place in the Punjab province during Eid holidays, rescue workers said on Thursday.

Ban on aerial firing flouted

A spokesman for the Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue-1122) said that a total of 4,677 road mishaps were reported across the province from August 12 to 15. Most of the victims were motorcyclists, he said. The rescuers also responded to 77 fire incidents reported in different districts of the province.

According to a report compiled by rescuers, at least 15 people died and 2,048 others injured in 1,692 road accidents which took place across the province on Independence Day. During Eid holiday, at least 915 road accidents were reported by rescue workers in Lahore district alone.

The record numbers of fatalities are an eye-opener for both the government and the public and there is a dire need to start collective efforts to control road mishaps in the densely populated province, rescue officials say.

According to a spokesperson for police, the lawmen would take stern action against the violators of aerial firing ban during Eid and I-Day celebrations.

 “Those found involved in aerial firing, fireworks, and hooliganism on the city roads will be sent to lock-ups,” the police spokesman warned. The police will monitor all ceremonies related to I-Day with the help of CCTV cameras. Nobody will be allowed to take law into his own hands. The troublemakers will be arrested immediately,” he said.