LAHORE - Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ahmed has maintained that the present developments show that the Federal government is in trouble. He stated that the government was dependent on one party and that was why he could not make any prediction about its future, but he also said that an upset was possible. Talking to daily Nawa-i-Waqt, Ch Nisar confirmed that the PML-N was in direct contact with the parliamentary leadership of the PML-Q, the MQM and independent legislatures and indirect contact with JUI and JUI-F leaders to evolve a joint strategy on the crucial issue of the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST), maintaining that they remained successful in their objective not to let it get passed in its present form. He further said his party was thinking that after WikiLeaks revelations, the US and its diplomats would mend their ways but US Ambassador Munter by announcing that the RGST would be imposed, had dashed all hopes regarding levys passage from the parliament. The PML-N central leader said they were in contact with the parliamentary leadership of the PML-Q and had consensus over the issues but the matter got worse when it went to the party leadership. He stated that governments attitude could be gauged from the sacking of a JUI-F minister because the present rulers did not bother to take the concerned partys leadership into confidence. Blasting the Zardari government, Ch Nisar said on the one hand, two ministers had been sacked while on the other, Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza was targeting his allies in the province over terrorism issue. He was of the view that the government had no policy and vision. Accusing the present rulers of double standards, Ch Nisar said Zulfiqar Mirza dubbed the MQM as terrorist and criminal party while Interior Minister Rehman Malim apologised for that. He said the PML-N did not want to topple the PPP-led government, adding that as the changing political scenario showed that it was not serious in running the affairs of the state, the N-League would not lend any support to save it from collapse.