MANAMA (Reuters) - Bahrains Shia opposition bloc Wefaq suspended its membership in parliament on Tuesday after two villagers were killed in clashes with police, a parliamentarian from the bloc said. This is the first step. We want to see dialogue, said Ibrahim Mattar, a Wefaq parliamentarian. In the coming days, we are either going to resign from the council or continue. Police in Bahrain clashed with mourners at the funeral of a Shia protester shot dead during an anti-government Day of Rage and one person was killed in the melee, witnesses and police said Tuesday. Witnesses said the clashes broke out when around 2,000 people set out from the hospital to slowly escort the body of slain protester Ali Mushaima through narrow alleys of Shia villages on the outskirts of Bahrains capital towards his home, where his body was to be washed before burial. The death of the mourner enraged others at the funeral, who began chanting anti-government slogans inspired by protests that toppled the rulers of Egypt and Tunisia: We demand the downfall of the regime, they chanted. Diplomats say Bahrains protests, organised on the internet, may gauge whether a larger Shias base can be drawn to the streets to raise pressure on the state for reforms that would give Shias a greater voice and better economic prospects. Analysts say large-scale unrest in Bahrain could also embolden fellow marginalised Shias in nearby Saudi Arabia, the worlds biggest oil exporter. Mushaima, the 22-year-old man being buried Tuesday, was killed Monday in clashes in Daih village as security forces clamped down on Shiite areas in the Gulf Arab kingdom, where a Sunni family rules over a Shiite majority that complains of discrimination. Ibrahim Mattar, a member of parliament from the Shiite opposition group Wefaq, told Reuters that police had tried to disperse the funeral procession using tear gas, but that mourners then regrouped and continued their procession. Wefaqs Mattar said the man killed Tuesday had been shot. Bahrain police said the mourners had clashed with four police vehicles at the scene when one of them broke down and the other three were trying to remove it. One of the participants in the clashes, Fadhel Salman Matrook, was wounded and later died in hospital. Bahrains Ministry of Interior said it had offered condolences to the family of the protester killed Monday and would take legal action if the use of force was found to be unjustified. I am confident truth will prevail, Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa said, adding that it would be wrong to jump to conclusions and blame police. No one accepts what happened. Its a sad feeling and all Bahrainis are hurt.